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Things to do / remember about GearSynth

·         Create Gear Library Plugin

o   Does not make different rules for different LHS conditions. It assumes that a gear family can only mate with others from the same family. This is not always true! The one glaringly incorrect place is with worms and wormgears. Worm gears only mate with driving worms and not other wormgears. To solve this, we currently change the rule by hand after this plugin makes it. How can this be automated?

o   Additionally, many gears can mate with those from another family. Plastic gears can mate with steel gears (of course this also changes some quality in the surface fatigue analysis).

o   Make the gear library exist in an excel spread sheet, or better yet grab data from internet in real time.

o   Include other gear details like cost, and dimensions

·         Run GearSynth

o   The biggest problem is the time wasted in exhaustive search

§  Go to a hill-climbing approach with multiple starting locations

§  Go to a simulated annealing

§  Go to a genetic algorithm

§ …all of which can be found in OOOT, but because of the partial formulation, they will likely need to be cut and paste here.

o   Check correctness of all constraints – need benchmark

o   Slip idler and slip idler pair rules:

§  Add equality constraint to parametric tuning

o   Add helical gears

§  Also requires helical gear stress analysis

§  And potentially issue with generated thrust load.

o   Add worm/wormgear stress analysis

§  And accommodate thrust load issue as well        

o   Gear to gear intersection.

§  Write new inequality constraint to prevent 2 gears from occupying same space

o   Add minimize cost (as in money) as objective function

o   Construct Pareto plot of solutions

o   Epicyclic/Planetary gear trains!

§  New rules.

§  Allow for MIMO ala hybrid transmission where energy comes into sun and ring

o   GUI for user-defined goals class

o   Investigate shaft design, and shaft deflections and the effect this has on gear teeth

o   Choose bearings based on loads and speed

o   Clutches?

o   Gear shifting?

o   Single-Input Multi-Output 

o   Multi-Input Multi-Output


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